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Fly tying Materials

We are proud to be the first stockist of the new range of both Loop and Shadow Flies fly-tying materials. Many of our natural materials are hand selected and packaged to ensure consistency and quality levels of the highest standard. Our range of Loop tying products offer an innovative range of materials that will give your flies added allure as well as assist and enhance the tying process. All our fly-tying products are as used in the production of our flies with the same impeccable attention to detail and quality.

Fly tying Materials

Fly tying Materials 


  • Natural
  • Synthetics

    Our synthetic material range, including those produced exclusively by Shadow Flies for Loop consists of a mix of fibres ideally suitable for all migratory fly patterns as well as predator and saltwater. The colour combinations are as used in the signature range of salmon and Steelhead flies designed by Thorsten Struben for Loop.

  • Rubber Legs

    Flies with rubber-legs catch fish!   Liven up your Trout, Salmon and Steelhead patterns with rubber legs to give them amazing movement in the water.  

  • Tube Fly Components
  • Coneheads & Dumbells
  • Spools

    A very hard to find item, buy a box and tidy up your tying bench. Make great savings by re-spooling bulk threads. A useful income stream for the retailer. High quality clear spool with unique thread lockers at each side.