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Saltwater Flies

Saltwater flats species, whether they be hungry Bonefish, spooky Permit or aggressive predators, unlike most freshwater species typically have the benefit of very good visibility. In a predatory world where eat or be eaten is as often as not the defining principle to survival good quality flies and accurate imitations remain as much a key attribute as when fishing for the most wary Trout. Our expanding collection of saltwater patterns ensures that you will be well equipped for any flats fly-fishing trip.

Saltwater Flies

Saltwater Flies 

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  • Bonefish Permit Flies

    Known for their amazing ability to strip line from a reel Bones are the starting point for any saltwater flats fishing.There will be days when they will eat anything presented to them but equally days when they can be incredibly spooky when getting the correct pattern and weight of fly is essential. Their amazing turn of speed can easily snap leader and coral will severe line in an instant. For a weeks flats fishing a good range of 40+ flies should be considered with 4-6 flies in at least a couple of sizes for key patterns.

  • Tarpon Flies
  • Predator Saltwater Flies

    ‘The best of the rest’. Some saltwater patterns will work on anything and the range of Baitfish / Clouser patterns are no exception. Whether you are specifically targeting Bass, Stripers or just want a crack at any of the predatory fish out there keep a box of baitfish patterns ready to go.

  • General Saltwater & Sea Bass
  • Poppers
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items