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Epoxy Eyes

These are the most realistic eyes that are available on the market. Scratch resistant, hard as glass epoxies, super adhesive backing. Conceived from actual insect and fish eyes. Custom eyes also available for modest set up fee.

Epoxy Eyes

Epoxy Eyes 


  • Bait fish matched pair series

    Unique to Shadow flies are these ultra realistic eyes. Based on natural eyes they are supplied as a “matched pair” for total realism.

  • Asymmetric series

    Our asymmetric epoxy eyes series are the best asymmetric epoxy eyes available on the market. Hard as glass epoxies and eye catching designs.

  • Symmetric series

    Handmade lifelike symmetric epoxy eyes conceived from actual insect and fish eyes. Resistant to scratches with super adhesive backing. Available in all sorts of sizes and colours as well as custom eyes.

  • Logo & text

    Customise your range of flies and lures with our custom eyes service. All we need is simple artwork and the eyes are customised with your logo or design. No set up charge or moulding fee. Your unique self designed eyes are only an email away.

  • Frog , animal eyes and poppers

    A winning range of super realistic and natural looking frog eyes. More designs and colours than any other manufacturer.

  • Glow in the dark

    Our glow in the dark epoxy eyes are the best epoxy eyes in their kind available on the market. These epoxy eyes are handmade and designed by experts in fly fishing and glow in the dark material.

  • Tab eyes

    Another Shadow unique product, high quality eyes with special tie down tab for easy application.

  • Predator Eyes

    New for 2016, these unique multi hued predator eyes are perfect for tarpon flies and other predator saltwater patterns.