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Shadow Flies employs a team of some of the most highly skilled fly tiers in the world. Our flies are influenced by some of the most distinguished and notable fly designers and importantly…by fishermen! Our tiers are exceptionally highly-skilled which allows us to achieve a standard normally considered the sole reserve of individual master fly-tying guru’s.

Most of our staff at Shadow Flies staff have had close to a decades worth of experience tying flies at wholesale levels. Much of this has been focused around complex Atlantic Salmon fly patterns; specifically those required for Iceland where the water clarity has meant that size, finesse and detail is sacrosanct. To our knowledge no other wholesale manufacturer of Salmon flies in the world matches the levels of quality and consistency that our tiers achieve as standard.

We have a range of over many many 100’s of standard Atlantic Salmon Fly patterns tied on a wide range of hooks and bodies in styles specifically suited to the region where they are used. Our patterns span designs from all the major fly-fishing nations ranging from, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, America, Norway, Sweden, England, Russia or any other nation where the Atlantic Salmon swims. Added to this is our range of over 300 bespoke patterns designed and produced exclusively for individual customers. In addition we have an ever-increasing range of Steelhead, Sea Trout & Trout patterns all meticulously designed and tied to the same impeccable standards.

Our Fly-Tying Production Centre - Siam Fly Co.Ltd, Chaing Mai, Thailand

Shadow Flies is the exclusive wholesaler for all our flies tied at our factory, Siam Fly Co.Ltd based in Chaing Mai in Thailand. We welcome any of our existing or prospective clients to come and visit the premises. You will see for yourself not only a 100% dedicated workforce but as happy and committed team as you are likely to find anywhere.

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Should you wish to pay us a visit please contact us at:
 UK Contact No: +44 207 352 0942
 US Contact No: +1 646 797 2945

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