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Salmon Flies

Salmon Flies for sale which are manufactured by Shadow Flies one of the widest and most inspirational collection of classic and contemporary Salmon fly patterns available anywhere. Our salmon flies are tied to an exceptionally high standard on a wide range of hooks and are constructed to ensure that they are not only exceptionally robust but swim as beautifully as they look. The finished flies are close to being identical to those represented in the pictures on our website.

Salmon Flies

Salmon Flies 


  • Singles

    Our single hook  flies are the best flies on the market available today. These single hook flies are handmade and designed by expert flytyers using only the highest quality materials.

  • Dry Flies

    Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon with dry flies is a technique practiced with enormous success in Canada, Newfoundland and Russia. There are two primary techniques that are used. In Canada & Newfoundland the most popular and effective method is to dead drift the fly whilst in Russia skating the fly (riffling hitch method) is the favourite of fishing this fly. The salmon ‘take’ makes this one of the most rewarding and exciting forms of salmon fishing that you can experience. On a dead drifted fly the take is more often than not as gentle as that of a Trout. Skating the fly produces a completely different and typically much more aggressive reaction. Either way…watching a leviathan emerge out of the deep and take your fly is a unforgettable experience.

  • Doubles

    Salmon flies tied on double hooks are now favoured by many salmon fisherman. They are a must have in locations where trebles are discouraged or disallowed and provide an added level of confidence over single hooks.

  • Trebles

    For many treble hooks are the only hook that provides anglers with the confidence needed to catch an Atlantic Salmon. Shadow flies carries a good-sized range of trebles tied on black, gold and silver hooks.

    For Icelandic patterns, where micro-trebles are very popular, we have a select number of patterns tied on straight eye silver and gold trebles.

  • Tubes
  • Weighted Tubes
  • Conehead Tubes

    The addition of a Conehead to even some fairly standard salmon fly patterns can transform them, both in the eyes of the angler and the fish! Our range of Conehead tubes, produced by Shadow Flies, are made using a multitude of different sized cones to ensure that the flies are perfectly balanced and in proportion to the size of the fly. We use standard brass Cones as well as tungsten coneheads and where the fly patterns require it they are professionally sprayed in the factory to ensure the end products are close to perfect. Increasingly popular conehead salmon fly patterns are a must have in any salmon anglers fly box. Made from either brass or tungsten and in a wide range of colours from metallic nickel or silver to fire red they are proven killers.

  • Templedog Tubes

    The Temple Dog series of flies have become one of the most successful early season / high water salmon flies available. Originally designed and tied by Swedish fly-tier Hakan Norling Temple Dog flies were designed to create a salmon fly with substantial body, size and importantly action. The larger versions are by far and away the most popular ‘must have’ flies for fishing early season in Scandinavian and Russian Rivers.

  • Canadian Flies
  • Loop Flies

    Loop Tackle has been synonymous with cutting edge design, innovation and quality, ranging form large arbour reels to the their benchmark ultra strong Loop double hooks. The latest range of Loop products to add to this stable of quality and excellence is the range of signature Loop Salmon flies, designed by Thorsten Struben. These salmon flies have been produced with perfection in mind and have been tied to the highest possible quality level using both unique and high quality fly tying materials.