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Steelhead Flies

Steelhead fly patterns for sale are as wide-ranging and diverse as Atlantic Salmon flies. In general terms Steelhead flies tend to be tied with brighter colours with purple being very successful. Spring and winter fishing will certainly require the bigger bold and brassy Intruder or Marabou style patterns however during the summer when there is good visibility this is the time to apply some more subtle flies such as the Lady Caroline or Jack Spratley. Our selection whilst not attempting to cover the almost infinite number of Steelhead patterns represents some of the most successful which will set you up nicely for any Steelhead fly-fishing trip.

Steelhead Flies

Steelhead Flies 


  • Singles Steelhead Flies

    Single hook Steelhead flies that are the best in the market. A full range of contemporary flies made to the highest specifications and made to withstand that heart stopping strike.

  • Intruders

    Fishing deep is often the most successful technique for Steelhead and for that you need look no further than the intruder series of flies. Extremely effective all year round and essential when the water is carrying some colour or you are fishing early or late season.

  • Zonkers
  • King Salmon Flies

    Regal flies for the King of salmon.Rugged durable and effective. Beautiful of course.