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Stonefly Greeper View larger

Stonefly Greeper

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Nymphing for salmon? It is a technique practiced extensively on the Nursling beat of the Test as well as being used widely in low-water conditions in Iceland and the Kola Peninsula. Big beads give the fly lots of weight and you fish it upstream letting it bounce down with the current. Strike at the first hint of resistance.

Fishing a Nymph

"This method can be deadly in the waterfall and canyon sections of the rivers. It requires deep-water close in and optimally under the tip of the rod. We have developed a method of fishing a big stonefly nymph (size 6 long shank) on a long 16-18 ft leader. The essence of this method is keeping control of the fly and striking at any hesitation in its progress as it drifts along just above the bottom. In the waterfall pools look for a steady deep flow under your stance and pitch the heavy nymph upstream bringing it under control beneath your feet. Ideally you have a straight down connection with the fly and the tip of the fly line is just at the surface. You can then walk the fly down the pool for several yards feeling it's progress and striking hard if it hesitates. This can be a devastating method in hot weather and several fish over 30 pounds have been caught in this way. It is truly amazing to see this trout tactic producing salmon and many people are frozen in disbelief the first time the line draws away and a salmon hits the fly."

Source: Low Water Fishing Tips on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve.


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